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How to Overcome Hoarseness Based on the Cause

How to deal with hoarseness can be different, this depends on the underlying cause. The cause can be mild conditions that will quickly subside, to dangerous conditions such as serious illness. Hoarseness can be caused by several diseases. Laryngitis is one of the main causes of hoarseness in addition to many other possible causes. Other possible causes of hoarseness are smoking, caffeine and alcoholic beverages, allergic reactions, gastric acid that rises into the respiratory tract, upper respiratory tract infections, benign tumors to the most dangerous such as cancer. Hoarseness can also be caused by excessive use of vocal cords such as singers, teachers, and actors. Hoarseness Handling Based on Cause The doctor will ask about the patient's medical history and do a physical examination to detect possible causes of hoarseness, so that it can provide the most appropriate treatment. How to deal with hoarseness include: Acute laryngitis caused by a viral infection can generally

Lactic Acid Fermentation, This Food That Is Produced

Lactic acid fermentation is one method for producing and preserving certain foods so that they can be stored for later consumption. This fermentation itself does not require heat or expensive preparation, so it is preferred over other methods. Lactic acid bacteria that play a role in the fermentation process generally can develop well in processed foods. With this fermentation, the pH of the food will drop to a number that makes other organisms unable to develop. A number of microbes such as several species of Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium sp, and several other lactic acid bacteria are useful in making probiotic products. For example, lactic streptococci and Leuconostocs reduce their pH to 4.5 to 4. In addition, carbon dioxide produced by heterofermentative lactobacilli also has a preservative effect on food. This lactic acid fermentation was chosen to preserve food for several reasons: Does not require high costs compared to food freezing or canning. Enrich the taste of food.

Knowing Vasomotor Rhinitis Causes of Nasal Disorders

Vasomotor rhinitis, also known as non-allergic rhinitis, is inflammation that occurs on the inside of the nose, which is not caused by allergies. This condition is caused by disorders of the nasal nerves. Do you often experience runny nose, sneezing, and nasal congestion without a definite cause? If true, be careful. Maybe you have vasomotor rhinitis. The lining of the wall inside the nose is rich in blood vessels. Under normal conditions, these blood vessels constrict so that air circulation in the nose can run smoothly. But if inflammation occurs, blood vessels will dilate so that makes the nasal airways disrupted. This inflammation is usually caused by swelling of the arteries and accumulation of fluid in the tissues in the nose. Signs and Symptoms of Vasomotor Rhinitis Rhinitis is divided into two types, namely allergic and non-allergic. Allergic rhinitis is the most common rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis can be permanent, seasonal, or be caused due to the risk of one's work.

Identifying the Tongue and its Functions

The tongue is a sense of taste that consists of a number of parts and has a variety of functions. Recognizing the part of the tongue and its functions can help us realize how to maintain overall oral health. Besides functioning as a taste bud, the tongue also has several main functions, including helping us communicate, chew, and swallow food. In general, the tongue can taste four main flavors, namely sweet, sour, bitter and salty. And one additional flavor, umami or savory, found in monosodium glutamate or MSG. To carry out its function, the tongue is assisted by a number of muscles and nerves that are directly connected to the brain. The presence of these muscles makes the tongue move freely in all directions in the oral cavity. To better recognize the tongue and its function in more detail, see the explanation below, yes! Tongue Section The tongue consists of a set of muscles and has no bones at all. The only bone that is directly related to the tongue is the hyoid bone. This

Dispelling Acute Hepatitis Type C

Type C acute hepatitis is an infectious disease caused by the spread of the hepatitis C virus in the bloodstream through infected body fluids. Acute hepatitis C can develop into chronic hepatitis which results in liver damage, cirrhosis, and liver cancer. Type C acute hepatitis is classified as a short-term viral infection. The medium of the spread of hepatitis C virus can occur through air, food, and drinks. This virus will then make contact with the blood or bodily fluids of infected people. Hepatitis C can cause a number of symptoms such as fatigue and vomiting about six months after exposure. But in many cases, acute hepatitis type C often does not show symptoms. Even if there are, very few symptoms appear and are not unique, so they are often ignored. If left untreated, acute hepatitis type C can develop into a chronic infection. Chronic hepatitis C causes long-term liver disorders such as liver damage, cirrhosis, and liver cancer. Vulnerable Conditions with Type C acute hepa